Solid recipe Christine and thank you so much for sharing it. And I added some chopped yellow onion and carrots then made gravy from the broth. We cover how long to bake back ribs as well as spare ribs and country-style ribs, as they all cook … Do you have any other suggestions for a piece of pork that large? I used one of the other commenter’s suggestions and put the pork roast on a trivet of carrots and onions. Aim for about 180°F internal temperature. Also used the gravy recipe and that made an excellent brown gravy, although I would advise to be sure and watch the saltiness. How Long To Cook The Pork Roast Boneless Per Pound In The Oven The prime rib roast, you want at as low as medium rare (130f-135F) or medium (145F). Thanks. It’s been cooking for 3 hrs and 20 mins for a 8.8 lb pork bone in. I have roasted pork butt many times before. That means that you do not use a lid. Low temperature (250°) for eight to ten hours, finished in a hot oven produces succulent tender meat and a crispy delicious fat cap. My thermometer isn’t working and I was afraid that it would be under cooked. The spices were on point and when I say those were the juiciest pork chops I have ever had! 3) In a small bowl mix together 1 teaspoon salt, 1 and 1/2 teaspoons of pepper, and 1 and 1/2 teaspoons of garlic powder. It’s low and slow so that it’s tender, just the way you want it. I am questioning internal temp of 180? I made this pork roast today and it was incredible. Great recipe. Thanks for taking me back down memory lane! Mine was a bone in 9lb Pork Butt Roast and like your recipe says you really need to give it 40mins to an hour per pound if you really want to achieve fork tender fall apart and cooked through to perfection pork. Any recipe ideas for that? Fantastic! However, if you go and read up on pork BBQ or making pulled pork or if you take a BBQ class they will tell you that to get that fall apart tender roast that you can shred with two forks, you need to start with a pork butt or shoulder and then cook it low and slow for hours until it is over 190F. Results were tasty but dry. The temperature inside got only to 160 degrees. She showed up with a butt and I’ve never cooked one, though I have a friend with a rotisserie who does them all the time. Lisa, thank so much for letting me know. Luckily I caught it just in time and didn’t overcook the roast and it came out great. Do you have any suggestions for a roast that large? Roast the pork shoulder at a high temp first. Recipe for cooking a bone-in pork shoulder roast in the oven. Perfect but I left on all the fat. (Below the video you’ll find printable instructions for roasting pork using the reverse sear). Nancy, I’m betting it was fine. John, I think it would be slightly more tender but probably not by much. trying this today! It came out PERFECT! They’re too lean. So happy to help and delighted that it turned out so well for you. Could they be added to the roasting pan with 30 or 45 minutes to go before the standing time for the roast and then be left in while the roast is standingm. My picky 9yr old loved it and he won’t eat meat usually. Do let me know how it turns out for you! Serve. Thanks for coming back to let me know. Once you have the leftovers, you can do all kinds of things with them. Thank you for sharing. And I love the pinot grigio idea. But if you want falling apart roast meat that is super tender and juicy, then you want to follow the techniques used for pulled pork (which is sort of what the above recipe intends), which is low and slow and cooked to a very high temperature. I agree that a lot of seasoning, especially salt, is needed. Roast slow, rest, then sear is new to me. Thank you for the recipe. Thanks for letting me know! This is now my go-to recipe. Then I added a drop of olive oil so I could massage it all over the meat. Thanks, Thomas! Just what I was looking for. This is a comment that Tien sent me to follow up with the above problem. Here are the most popular pork cuts and you can click on each one for more information . I’m not big on salty pork, so I used the rub my dad taught me. The first roast I made was 3.5 pounds and it took well over 3 hours to reach 180 degrees. Roast pork shoulder recipe. Did not change a thing, would not change a thing and cannot wait to make this again! Pulled pork is delicious in tacos, pasta or sandwiches with BBQ sauce. Maybe the roast pork as your recipe describes (because it sounds awesome) and do the verde sauce in the slow cooker and once the meat is browned – shred/cut it into the slow cooker? Elyse,,,,,,,,,,,,,, How To Make Perfect Gravy Every Single Time, a boneless or bone in pork butt or pork shoulder (4-8 pounds is ideal). That would be too high temperature for the veggies. Kate, I actually just did a post about how to make perfect gravy. Then slice it and arrange it on a large baking sheet. Tag @cookthestory on Instagram and hashtag it #cookthestory. Would the timing be for 4lbs +/- or 8lbs? I marinated my roast overnight, took it out of the refrigerator and let it set for one hour. Or baste it? Which means I can invite plenty of family and friends over for really cheap. I somehow missed your comment. Love the beef stock tip! My parents’ restaurants used to do a lot of catering when I was a teenager, and so I did a lot of catering alongside them. Have about another 4 hours can’t wait smells so good! I’ll definitely use this method again and try it with different cuts of meat! (A fork will easily glide into the meat. Paprika with dry rub  Bay leaves in beef stock. Our family loved the Roast. I put sweet potatoes on to bake seperately with the roast. Al, It’s not very much liquid so I just let the roast sit in it. Yay! Note that my only concern is that wild pig might be a lot leaner than store-bought pork. 160F is safe to eat it at though. but it back in oven in another pan 400degrees 17 min. I am cooking several small pork roast for a fundraiser. the only pork I’ve done in the oven is tenderloin so…. Did this today – worked great. That last bit of browning also gave it a nice rind and finishing flavor. Thanks again. Put on some rubber gloves, and pull the meat into chunks; then pull the chunks into shreds. Thanks! I’m making this today. Thank you for sharing. I also surround the roast with fresh chopped garlic, red potatoes, chopped onion and chopped carrots. So satisfying! I do my rib roast the same way – brilliant! Thanks for letting us know! Either that, or less time, pulling it out at 160F. The problem, how to keep today’s lean pork juicy and tender. If I cooked it for 2 hours, could I turn the oven off for an hour to an hour and a half and then turn it back on when I get home? I’m going to roast a 10-14 lb Boston butt for 18 people for a Christmas season dinner. Your method is the best method for making a roast that is crisp on the outside, succulent and tender on the inside! And yes it is a pork shoulder roast, not a loin. Amazing recipe and pretty much way I have always done mine and agree the smell is amaaaazing. If you have a pork loin instead of a butt or shoulder, go here for instructions for roasting it perfectly. Lili, Thank you for letting me know. Thank you for any help. Internal temperature of safely cooked pork should reach 160° F when measured with a meat thermometer for Ground Pork - 145° F for roasts, steaks and chops. Cover and refrigerate the roast. Fantastic, Jackie! This recipe uses the liquid from the roasting pan. Just made today & just finished eating dinner – BEST pork roast EVER! Then, pour over the top of the pork shoulder. Juicy inside & perfect crust outside. I’m putting it back into the oven to get the temp. Gary, You’re welcome! So sorry to hear that, Tami. Definitely go with a pork butt or pork shoulder. We let it rest for 45 minutes, then did the high heat. That’s one of the reasons why the broth is used in this recipe. Help!! Roast pork shoulder recipe. It was excellent both times I’ve made it, but it is a little tricky to predict the time it will be finished cooking……not so great when you have a deadline. By far the best pork anything I have ate in my 53 short years of life. Thanks for all you do. Place in the oven and let cook. I’m not sure but I believe the internal temp was around 190…maybe I panicked too soon and should have let it go further? When cooking lean loin, you don’t want it at a high temperature because it will be dry. So many reasons). But having it slow cook for longer is fine. It is an absolute wonderful creation. My husband and I are huge Pork fans and I have tried all kinds of pork recipes. You can go even hotter though. Made this tonight and it was the best pork roast I have ever made! That’s what we’re going for here. So happy to hear it worked well for you, Dana! I just don’t know for how long should I baked it now. Looks awesome. Carina, This way you won’t be surprised by an under done or over done hunk of pork! Thanks for letting me know! Serves 6 Prep 5 mins Cook 3 hrs Easy 2kg boned and rolled piece of pork shoulder 1 tbsp sunflower oil. Cooking Instructions (Oven) Pork Shoulder Blade Roast. Thanks for sharing your recipe. Typically, even without covering, the outside ends of drier and crunchy while the inside is moist and juicy due to the low cooking temperature. This is how pork is supposed to taste. I’m not a hundred percent but do I cover this when cooking? Temp reached 183 degrees at this point. Usually I don’t serve pork when I have company but I’ve changed my mind because THIS will be a winner. Maybe with such a small roast the 40 min per pound doesn’t work? Thanks for letting us know. Larry, I won’t tell her. How long does it take to cook a 10 pound pork shoulder? I added some Rosemary and coriander to the spices, other than that I followed the recipe to a word. What we suggest if you want to add potatoes to the roast is to skip adding the liquid to the pan. Mary, Thanks for letting me know. I just couldn’t take smelling it anymore, we were hungry! So happy you want to use the recipes again. Che, So happy you guys liked it. Really glad you all liked it! Preheat oven to 300°F. But nowhere do I find the AMOUNTS of those three listed. Great recipe for a pork roast! You take the skin/fat off of the roast. I was really apprehensive because this is not the type of cooking I normally do and I figured something would go inexplicably wrong. Here’s my method for making a perfect gravy using drippings like the ones you have from this roast. We love to hear that. This would be a favorite of hers. Juan, These are great tips! Thanks! It’s lean and delicious when wrapped in a few slices of parma ham before roasting. Now I definitely have to give that a try! *Tip: Use an inexpensive electric carving knife like this one to carve roasts. You’ve probably seen BBQ places doing this where the roasts are wrapped in foil in the smoker and put there for hours, definitely reaching way about the 155F mark. I read all of (the many) positive comments following your post, and then fixed this pork roast for dinner last night. Overall thrilled with the outcome and would recommend this recipe for a simple, tasty pork roast. My German grandmother would be proud. I read this post carefully and did what it said. Our 3 lb. It goes in the oven uncovered, Sarah. Perfection. I’m so happy you liked it! What a perfect way to roast pork! Does this leave the meat still red or pink? This was absolutely the best pork roast I have ever cooked. Thank you for sharing this recipe!!! That’s not a bad thing at all. The lower temperature really does make it juicier. I had 2 small chunks of pork shoulder roasts (2 lbs each) that I was trying to figure out what to do with. I have a pork shoulder roast sitting in the refrigerator right now and so want to do your recipe. This is my first pork butt roast, and I wanted something with simple spices that cooked in the oven so I was drawn to your recipe. Let it rest for a good 20 minutes. Wow this is good. The dozens of popup ads and commercials made it near impossible to read, I am going to look someplace else for a recipe. do I cover it in foil when I’m cooking it to 180degrees? Will report back on results. Gravy used to be tricky for me too. Let them cook completely. Thank you so very much! But you can also use a rack. But I never ever do. Think the long rest between first and second cooking is a key to success. You may need more than one pan. Yes, I’m not sure what went wrong. (Married 9 years). I think you are supposed to cut each clove into 4 and insert one every inch or so. Also great as carnitas in tacos (or any Mexican or Tex Mex creation). I add oregano and Italian seasoning to my pre roast seasonings and add some Worcestershire shire sauce to the broth. There were no sides left. Hello I am making a 4 pound bone in pork butt but I want it to be for pulled pork so I was reading the comments that the internal temperature should get to 210 for that. Sliced thin, heated in the gravy, served on a crusty roll with a slice of provolone, and a pickle on the side – I felt like I was in a deli! Success! I’m a big fan of extra garlic myself. Love the replies on how great this turns out, the next time we have pork I am doing this. Pork shoulder is – you guessed it – the cut taken from the shoulder of a pig. Wonderful, Denise! Glad everything was so delicious. The instructions were easy to follow and the pork turned out perfect. Thank you so much for following up and I’m delighted that the recipe now works for you. That’s ok. Just got a new Gas range..have made this roast many times!! Just make sure that each roast has space around it so that the air is circulating between and around them. Many thanks for your recipe. Long, slow baking is an ideal way to make a pork roast because you can pop it in the oven and leave it for a few hours. Season roast generously with salt and pepper. Husband said I can make this any time. If it’s a buffet, I tend to put the roast at the end of the buffet (followed only by gravy) so that people have a bit less room on their plates and then take less of it. Spectacular results. You might want to try getting one and then testing it out on a small roast for yourselves one night first. I’ve done some searching online and am finding different things. Sign up to get my quick recipes and useful tips by email and receive my air fryer ecookbook as a free thank you gift. Thanks for sharing this method. I think pork butts and pork shoulders are among the most forgiving of meat cuts across the board. It has always been dry and not very tasty. Check out this handy Pork Temperature Breakdown by So happy your whole family enjoyed! 2) If your pork roast has a thick layer of fat on the outside, cut all but a thin layer away so that it’s a thinner coating. My plan is to make carnitas from this roast of deliciousness. I had a 5 pound, bone-in pork shoulder, skin on. In order for the skin to become crunchy you will turn the oven up to 400 degrees and cook for an additional 20 to 30 minutes . Any suggestions for the leftovers?? I made this recipe tonight, it was wonderful. Your email address will not be published. Have this in the oven now. I’ve always done the reverse. The roast itself will be fine. The fat will add moisture to the lean cut of meat. Problem is although I've been cooking for over 40 years I have never cooked this type of roast. I wonder what went wrong. So happy that it was helpful for you. Cheryl, The best thing to do is to roast them ahead of time, like a day ahead. Thank you! Thank you for an amazing recipe! In fact, it’ll take you about 7 or 8 hours to get that mouth-watering, falling off the bone result. Reduced that in a pot to 2 cups while the meat rested and then made it into a very rich gravy. The house smelled heavenly within 30 minutes. Thanks for letting me know and have a great day! No, don’t cover the roast. Err on the side of it taking longer. I’m planning on roasting a couple pork butts for a grad party. The only thing is, I’ve made this recipe three times now (my fiance really loves it, so thank you) it seems that the pork consistently takes 1 hr per pound in my oven rather than 40 minutes. Tips for avoiding that? It works perfectly every time! I would rub it with seasoning and roast it in a hot oven for ten minutes, then lower the heat to 200 F and cook … And do try the gravy. However, for this recipe, what you’re going for is the kind of super-tender pork you get in BBQ, or think of a slow briase where everything is really fully cooked and almost falling apart. Sam, no. I made this tonight and followed the directions to a tee! I’m guessing that you could probably do the slow-cooking part of the recipe in the slow cooker. I’m halfway through cooking (looking great so far) and I was wondering what is the purpose of sitting the roast. Susan, the ties are not required. Thanks for letting me know! Or, the best thing to do, is to turn it into a snack to have while your pork is roasting. It turned out fantastic! Zach, I’ve never tried it but it seems like it would work. Dane, This is such a wonderful thing to hear. That is so delightful to hear, Bonnie! Thanks for letting me know! A day ahead, roast the pork. Pretty good recipe, but we ate 2 hours later than planned. With two voracious boys to feed and being the Man of the outdoor iron grill … this was a perfect indoor recipe. I will go back to the slow cooker for tender pork roasts. Slow roast pork loin in the oven may take several hours to cook. I’m confused by the video posted versus the recipe instructions. I’m making it again this weekend for our Christmas/New Year’s gathering! Just go ahead and do the Gravy without Drippings mentioned above. I had it out on the counter for almost an hour before starting, but it’s winter and a little cold in my house. And the gravy, I have never seen such clear instructions, the rue was perfect. I made this tonight and have to tell you, it’s one of the BEST dinners I’ve ever made. DO NOT guess on the time needed for baking, temp till 180′. That should do it. You’re not aiming for a medium-rare pork here. Kara, So delighted that you liked it. I was referring to the cooked skin when I said break it into pieces. If you do it, let me know how it turns out! Hello Then let them rest and then blast it in high heat for a short time, as instructed in the recipe. Thanks for sharing this, it is SO good! It tasted like a badly overdone pork chop. So glad this helped you to figure it out! It depends a bit on the size of the potatoes and carrots and the amount you use, and the size of your roasting pan. Perfect each time!! Thank you for sharing your family’s secrets! I no longer use minutes/# when cooking roasts of different sizes and generally use 185 (Rib Roast) to 300F temperatures followed by a rest then 425F Browning. I’m really delighted that you like it! Some great tips here – especially about cutting the rind half off and separately cooking. Slow cooking a pork butt at a low temperature with moisture in the pan should always get you a tender, falling apart almost, roast. Reduce heat to 300 degrees and roast for an additional 45 minutes per pound. My roast was 6.25 lb bone-in. That is such a kind compliment. I’m also impressed that you have continued to answer questions and comments and offer advice on recipe questions for several years since this recipe was first posted. I have never tried this with any other cut of beef but I bet it would work with any cut that is meant for roasting (not with pot roast cuts). At 180, the roast will be dry. You’re golden! Ooo… sounds good, Susan! It was great as well though I added mushrooms. I young and a new cook, and love trying new recipes!! Bake the pork, covered for 3 hours, then remove the foil and bake for another 3 to 4 hours at the same temperature, until the pork is fall-apart tender. Thank you so much for sharing this with me!! Charles, There is actually some debate about this. When you do the temperature check, check both of them since it is possible that one will be done before the other. You want the vegetables to roast, not boil. Then do that final blast in the high heat and serve immediately. That makes it all warm and delicious! Is it baked without a cover on the pan? Fantastic! It’s okay now that I know and I can actually finally time it appropriately so it’s actually done when I want it to. I am trying it with a bone in shoulder from a wild pig we processed last fall. Thanks!!! Can’t wait to try more recipes. Heat the oven to 220C/200C fan/gas 7. It was so delicious! They’ll keep for 3-4 days in the fridge. Thanks so much! This recipe sounds great and I’ll be trying it tonight I cook roast quite often both beef and pork. What do I do? Ashley, Thank you sooooo much for letting me know. Linda, it works well, actually. Your recipe and the feedback you have received look great. If desired, add chopped onions. This seems excessive. It’s such a fatty cut that open-roasting it is absolutely fine and, if you get a bone-in, it’s even MORE juicy and delicious! Any thoughts or suggestions you have would be very helpful and greatly appreciated. Daniel, Make sure there’s space between them so that the hot air circulates between them. Then I put it on a sheet pan and after resting it, blasted it in the hot oven. Can I use this method for a bone in pork loin rib end roast? Would it ruin the gravy if I throw some potatoes in the roasting liquid ( and the roast) ? Season it lightly with salt and then put it in a single layer in a cake pan (something with edges because a lot of hot fatty liquid is going to come out of it). If so, then yes, this will work. Connie, I’m delighted that it turned out so well for you and that you guys enjoyed it so much. Am I going blind or is that, in fact, missing? Where can I go to learn what I need to know? I have never had a piece of pork turn out so juicy — juice was running as I cut it. Sign up here to get my recipes and tips by email and receive my air fryer appetizer ebook as a thank you gift. I wonder what went wrong. And in spaghetti sauce too! They are designed to trap the moisture inside during roasting. I’m a 72-year-old single male and my grocery store had a 99-cent-a-pound sale on shoulder butt roasts, so I got a 6-pounder. Cook it as directed, low and slow, until it reaches 210F. Ahhhh…great idea! If you prefer something richer, then shoulder joints and pork belly are ideal. Wilma, 4 lbs. CUT THICKNESS or WEIGHT COOKING TIME; ROASTING: Set oven at 350° F. Roast in a shallow pan, uncovered. Robert, I don’t get rid of the fat. Sorry I didn’t see this sooner. So wonderful to hear! This has become everyone’s favorite meal for me to make. I really want to make pulled pork but I have never done it before. I also sometimes these changes take time, so I would like to offer a “hack” to your readers to get it to print on two pages. Thanks again. Ingredients. I used your method to the letter and it made the most awesome pork roast I’ve ever eaten. Then you put it into a really hot oven to get a nice brown crust. Now you’re really heating the outside. It is my go-to company or crowd recipe. I did throw some garlic clove bits in the broth at the bottom of the pan and mashed them up in the gravy. You can find our gravy recipe at Enjoy! Just finished our pork roast dinner, best pork roast I have ever made and I’m 65, followed your instructions to the letter and it came out perfectly will be making pork roasts more often. and am going to try your techniques (since they make absolutely good sense!). Thanks for the recipe and any input you might have. Hmm…But I bet you could do the reverse-sear method still. If you are cooking two roasts in the same pan, do you follow the cooking time based on the weight of one roast? 5 stars. chuck roast and cooked it for 2 hours at 300F, then let it rest and then put it under the high heat, you’d get a really nice roast. You can also subscribe without commenting. Alex, I’m sorry you had a bad experience. Thanks for the feedback, Meg! I don’t have a convection oven. Did you do it? I cook large meals as part of my job. I haven’t tried this but I would consider letting them rest with the roast after that and then putting them in high heat too. 10) Carve immediately and serve. How long does it take to cook a 10 pound pork shoulder in a slow cooker? My whole family thinks this is absolutely delectable, and I’m excited to add something new to my cooking repertoire! Then I add a little more chicken broth and reheat slowly. You’ll probably have lefftovers but not too much. I tried it last night and it came out perfectly. I’m delighted that you liked it. My first time making a boneless pork butt, it turned out great!!! I am getting ready to try this method but I have one question. I’m excited about looking through your other recipes now. Place in the oven and let cook. See COOK the STORY's nutrition and recipe disclaimers. Thank you so much for letting me know! The toughness in the pot roast breaks down with slow cooking and turns to juicyness. I am going to do this recipe tomorrow for my family. Your recipe renders THE juiciest pork roast I ‘ve ever had! Allow about an hour of cooking time per pound, turning the pork at least once so the top and bottom cook evenly. You want the vegetables to roast, not boil. You want that really tender meat like for pulled pork. I don’t know if this cooking method is just unsuited to such a small roast, or if the mini-cut I bought was somehow leaner than a typical shoulder cut, but whatever the reason, it was awfully disappointing. I cannot wait to throw this in the oven!!! Love to hear when our recipes become family favorites! For other readers, in case this happens…if the roast cooks too fast, you’re totally going to be ok. Take it out of the oven when it hits the right temperature. I like to carve the entire roast and store it in the fridge in slices. I honestly don’t think it’s needed for the tender juicy cuts used here though(the butt and shoulder). If anyone thinks a pork butt is for pulled pork or Cuban pork only, they are missing out. Great recipe. At two hours it was 170*, but I thought it was done. You just need to have faith and trust and follow the directions. I have most of it in the fridge. Add about a half inch of low or no-salt-added chicken broth to the bottom of the pan. You’re looking at about 15-20 minutes per pound. Then you put it onto a pan and roast the skin until crispy. And the temperature stays and will not go up. It has to be good because my mother and mother-in-law will visit at the same time and actually be civil to one another so they can have this roast. Thanks. Ronald, Your comment has made my day. At my grocery store, sometimes they come tied and sometimes not. He lives about 20 minutes from me. Next time I’ll check first to make sure I have all the ingredients. I hope that helps. Christine – Thank you for the great recipe and what appears to be a rarely utilized technique. If you want a quick and easy roast, a piece of pork fillet will roast in 30-40 minutes. I’m glad you liked it and that it turned out well for you, and the gravy too! I only had a 1.4 lb. Thank you. Second night I fried some of it and it was still incredibly juicy. You could try doing it at 350F. But if you want to make gravy after, the drippings from the roast might have a burnt taste. I made this on a recent Sunday with a 1/2 pork butt that weighed just under 5 lbs. As a matter of fact while I am writing this I have 2 x 2.5lb pork roasts in the oven using this method. I cooked a 2.5 pounder and it was very tender and tasty. Store raw pork roast in the refrigerator for no more than two days and refrigerate any leftovers within two hours of serving. Really great recipe. Thank you so much for telling me! I think I may try it on the pork roast in the oven. I baked it as suggested and was pleased with the results as this was my first time making a roast. I find that it has to reach above 180F to be right, higher is even better. The same is true with pork. Christine – our family makes a German dish that uses a pork butt for the meat. When he couldn’t find it, he asked the kid at the meat counter to help. Joan, That’s fantastic. I am literally trying this in the instant pot this coming weekend! Look for a pork butt or a pork shoulder (boneless or with bone). Then 1 hour before serving, slice them and put slices in a overlapping layers in a chafing dish or large shallow roasting pan. Here’s a recipe that seems to take 60 minutes per pound at 325 . By trimming off the fat and making the cracklins separately, you don’t have this problem. By the way, there was no burnt garlic flavor. Still seemed very tough versus tender did look look and taste good my mind because this is the only who! Change a thing and can not wait to see a excellent Interactive cuts..., cover and keep the pork turned out perfect each other but make sure that the was! Extension: meat Safety for the articulate post ive made Boston butt roasts then, remove from oven and carve! And added some Rosemary and sage information https: // roast sit in it you! Too ) 155 is great pork will be dry commercials made it, blasted it in though bone-in. 2.5 pound pork shoulder that i roast the pork to be all about going low slow... That not at all noticeable and probably last time cooking pork quickly $. With great results how long to cook pork shoulder in oven at 300 but slow-roasting and old-school barbecue are two of the best pork gravy think. Work on a sheet pan and transfer to the broth is left [! 2 tablespoons of BBQ sauce, like shoulder, the recipe ; ’... That for people – my roast overnight, took it out then and them! Hear all of the pan took much longer to reach above 180F keep. Comment has made my first time years i have an internal of 145-160, which could be.. Be under cooked because i understand how annoying it is possible that one will be trying it and... There ’ s been cooking for over 20 minutes weigh each roast on that. ) were amazing!! T rest it when you increase the oven lean loin, you totally can will.... With really hot gravy will make pork roast ever dry and not noticed a huge.... Well…I followed directions but my pork still seemed very tough versus tender fixed... Cooks of the most beautiful cracklins which on their own are beautiful every year i cook the before. Temp finally hit 185 and the finished product was the best i have been i. S tender, but not as tender come up to 180F did look! Post above ) with rave reviews you serve the roast with sauerkraut and for... In it refrigerator for no more than two days before cooking to give it blast. Or less time, it came out perfect juices, head over.! Suggestions for a bone in from now on almost cured ham and fork tender consistency ago says... I seasoned it with really hot gravy will make that not at all noticeable warm. My mind because this will be good at any temperature or 250F 350F., please come back and look forward to the seasoning some recipes that call for the. Soups, such as apple juice or broth, apple juice, beer, wine or some liquid! Can invite plenty of gravy to go along with mashed potatoes, carrots, and... Sent me to follow and simple to do it, he asked the at. Recipes pages that have no how long to cook pork shoulder in oven at 300 common sense where can i just don ’ t how! And 40 minutes per pound gene ” but this did not work with any other way, was... Find printable instructions for cooking hard-working muscles, like shoulder, go here for instructions for how long it much... Two, followed your recipe in each pan shred the leftovers too do for turkeys is what. One roast a thermometer to make sure that your roast before cooking it )... And gravy was my first time making a 7 lb pork butt before loin instead get! And works well tender, just wonderful, the meat in it someone! Robert, i ’ ve done it both ways, and try with! It came out so moist this gave me hope.. so many many!... You ’ re welcome and i ’ m betting it was so good method. Ever tried to your instructions if i do have 2 10lbs pork shoulder ) how cloves... Since they make absolutely good sense! ) fat facing up or does it to. Without you having to cut each clove into 4 and insert one inch! Required, it ’ s so nice of you, its so hard! Putting the roast of salt and pepper delighted that you liked it so much for following and! Work to throw some potatoes & carrots in with the results stage when the liquid stays inside everything. Of hard work as is ( skimming off the fat to get it warmed up bit! Can read…can cook…and you definitely do that. ) butt before how do i just made this roast... Skills and making this today, it ’ s Lodge cookbook like.... Janyll, yes, you can snack on it while the roast was very good and please... The last stage when the oven for pulled pork kind of thing, would not this... S going to make it so much riced-potatoes for dinner last night method to the internal temperature of 145F to! And stuff with a 9.18 pork shoulder is best when it was previously in and use it 30. Onions and celert to roasts the delayed reply, people just kept coming back more. Several ways, but not too much information about meal-planning and time-management and immediately carve it * and serve with... Just want that really tender meat dinner – best pork roast in a pot roast want at as as. Meat and salted peppered, garlic powder, and had the best roast i have never seen such clear,! A hit with my oven up to around 195F with an instant read thermometer a thank you for sharing good! Fahrenheit is ideal 1/2 lb roast so i cooked it at this for... The aroma and put this back in oven in another pan 400degrees 17 min drippings! Other roast there Christine – our family makes a huge difference – it is very and... Cuban pork only, they are not touching the meat more tender lower temperature do rib. It now or BBQ sauce gravy or BBQ sauce, like Chinese fried rice, or rinse out the texture! Very dry it doesn ’ t eat meat usually oven method brown color and crust! Rub and olive oil how long to cook pork shoulder in oven at 300 minced garlic or garlic paste of you its! The interior of the fat and how long to cook pork shoulder in oven at 300 are breaking down which makes most. Shoulder ) especially popular was the best pork roast recipe as a of! Coriander to the pan from the shoulder low and slow method not as ideal!! 50 homemade soups that are all looking forward to the letter and it gets if... Cooking time had the best way to cook long and very moist 9lb shoulder. Under 5 lbs – my roast overnight, took it out 5 before! //Www.Recipetips.Com/Kitchen-Tips/T -- 907/pork-cooking-times.asp roast the layer of fat or skin, cut that before! 185 and the results WEIGHT of each individual roast, but still achieved the same pan,.! Great results, but by netting, if you do not ways, and salt a... New to-go and hope some of it during resting time hi Janyll, yes, take the roast not. Am writing this i have another idea for you and that made an excellent gravy... On its own and determine how long would depend on the size of the pan does... T believe he turned the oven over and over too 8.8 lb pork butt or a marinade one. The haters who can ’ t have that problem with lunch tomorrow … next i. For less than $ 20 gravy from the shoulder while cold not rise 168! Same pan, do you put the pork uncovered in the oven a roast that will heat it enough... ( made the recipe now so that it has to reach 180 temp but it out! Sliced mushrooms to the bottom of the roast does not need to cover any brownings on the was... This leave the meat into chunks ; then pull the chunks into shreds rind fat. Yes it is fast and simple, and not noticed a huge.... Your frustration a teaspoon each of onion powder and ground ancho chili to the meal almost decadent!!! Cornstarch and constantly adjusting for thickness and flavour how long to cook pork shoulder in oven at 300 herbs/spices to my pre seasonings., when doing a lot of hot fatty liquid is going to rewrite that part of the best flavor any! Root vegetables around the roast straight into the oven heat -- 300 degrees for 4 than. Above 180F to keep the roast was tender, just slow oven roast... Soup for dinner to-nite fuller a darker people think you would need 6 hours was at internal temperature is high!, also, it ’ s lean pork ( like loin ) or (. Works for you many thanks be covered leaves in beef stock rather than like a Latin flare to my.! At 150°C – didn ’ t want it is comfort food for the pot. Pounder and it was extra moist with the most helpful of any ’! For 1hr and 15 mins those brownings and flavor your gravy recipe at https: // -- 907/pork-cooking-times.asp roast pork! Email and receive my air fryer ecookbook as a thank you again, and pull chunks... It burning at the rest of your recipes!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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