Not sure why, but I have seen the blessings of it. We can argue Spirit of the Law and Letter of the Law all day long but addiction is why we are to avoid caffeine. But convenience stores and fast-food eateries should brace for an onslaught of conferencegoers craving Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Mountain Dew or other caffeinated beverages. Essentially, the Church leaders recommend the rejection of any drink that might be habit forming. Maybe ask her to do what the Savior would do or what he would have her do. Instead of focusing on things Latter-day Saints do not drink, may I suggest other alternatives? If someone wanted to be socially accepted in the ward and get leadership callings, I can't see decaf working for them. mango, strawberries, raspberries, etc. That aside, very few active members would be comfortable around a person drinking decaf. Nope, we can drink herbal tea, but no coffee of any kind. Mormons are free to down a Coke or Pepsi. Mormons will soon drink coffee! The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has published new guidance that seems to be aimed at younger Mormons as a reminder that coffee-based drinks are prohibited. In a statement issued this … I'm LDS, and I have a few LDS friends who "draw attention to themselves" (are goth, have mohawks) There are no real requirements about that, they just want you to remember that you are a representation of the church, and they don't want people to say "He's a Mormon, Wow Mormons are … Well it is now 100 percent official - Mormon's are allowed to drink coke and more specifically caffeine, just not tea or coffee. Being a good example. Go get some frozen fruits (e.g. * Smoothies : this is always a win during breakfast. I would be concerned about anyone seeing me drinking decaf and wondering why an LDS person is drinking coffee. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has clarified its position on caffeinated soft drinks, noting the news media often incorrectly states that its members are forbidden to drink caffeine according to a news article published by Heraldextra. Even today, there is a lot of discussion about whether it is just coffee and tea, whether cola is ok, whether decaf coffee and tea are ok, etc. Debunking a dubious General Conference rumor It's the General Conference Rumor Edition! There were several citations that decaf coffee is terrible for you (it also doesn't remove 100% of the caffeine) so Mormons would have to take that under consideration when making that call. When I was a Mormon, I would have considered Decaf versions of coffee and tea to be off limits so take that for what its worth. I have heard that the Bishop's Handbook actually says decaf coffee is ok. That might or might not be true. The Book of Mormon got a mention on Sunday Night Football; We’re still not sure why LDS Living - In the middle of the Cleveland Browns and Pittsburgh Steelers playoff matchup Sunday night, Sunday Night Football announcer Al Michaels randomly referenced the Book of Mormon . Mormons, as most folks around here know, don't drink alcohol, tea or coffee.

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