Shoujo 76%. She is unnerved by Anthy, who deliberately distances herself from Kanae. This is likely a play on Juri's story in the last episode of the TV series ("Someday, Together, We'll Shine" or "Someday, Shine With Me" as the closer translation of the original title), wherein it was her older sister who nearly drowned. Break the world's shell! your own Pins on Pinterest Utena is also in love with Akio Ohtori as shown in episodes like "The Barefoot Girl". Both the anime and manga feature similar –but altogether different– circumstances wherein Anthy becomes the Rose Bride. Like Tilyrna said though, although it can entertain everybody, there are many incestual and homosexual themes that some … The following is a list of characters in Revolutionary Girl Utena, a manga and anime series created by Be-Papas. In the movie, Miki is shown as having a stronger relationship with Juri, and he more clearly is beginning to resent his sister. Arguably, this is also an example of Touga's inability to see Utena as who she really is, rather than in a stereotypical feminine role. Stumbras Kaunas vs FK Utenis Utena 1-1 All Goals & Highlights HD 29.03.2017 . Akio appears to dominate his sister Anthy both personally and sexually; their incestuous and power-driven relationship is key to Anthy's behavior in both the anime (where Anthy is, or pretends to be, held in thrall to her brother) and the movie (where events cause the balance of power to shift dramatically). Letters sent to Miki from his parents hint at the fact that his parents are divorced. Mari is a classmate of Tsuwabuki's, who tries to act as his common sense. The Manga portrays Touga as taking a more obvious and definite personal love for Utena. All three girls appear in the third season. In his youth, Akio and Dios were apparently one and the same, but he became corrupted and lost his purpose as a "prince". He is not a flirtatious, over-confident playboy, but a man who sees and knows Utena, and loves her. She allows Shiori to manipulate her, but feels trapped by Shiori as well. Add to library 3 Utena Tenjou Translation: Tenjō > "Protection of Heaven". He is her childhood love and a significant figure in Utena's psyche. In spite (or because of) his genius, he is lonely, sheltered, and insecure, and seeks a person who is just as pure and talented as him. In the anime, the initial story the anime presents is almost identical to that of the manga, except with more detail. In the third arc of the anime, her sibling relationship with Touga is compared to Anthy's and Akio's, with the implication that it is less incestuous and controlling because neither Kiryuu is as manipulative. Nanami's most devoted lackey, a fourth-grade student. Drive to Duel: To gain superiority over Juri. Nanami often makes various malicious attacks on students she deems inferior (or worse, those she suspects Touga is paying attention to). Because of this, many Duelists believe that she lacks a personality and thoughts of her own, and she is treated badly by them. Revolutionary Girl Utena. Swordplay 78%. Italian. 1:45. Many fans noted that Utena and Anthy seemingly swap personalities in the movie, and that Utena is the one who must be saved by Anthy. The Indian boy who Mikage wants to replace Anthy with, similar in appearance to Anthy, Akio, and Dios. In the manga, Anthy served as Ruka's Rose Bride on several occasions before he left the school due to an unknown illness. Adolescence of Utena is the final of the three primary entries in the Revolutionary Girl Utena media franchise, following the 1996 manga series and the 1997 anime television series.Though there are significant differences in plot execution between the manga, television series, and film, all three tell the same basic story, utilizing the same general narrative trajectory and characters. She is led into the dueling arena by Anthy and is trapped in a glass coffin floating in the air, which is what leads Miki to duel Utena. 23 images (& sounds) of the Revolutionary Girl Utena cast of characters. Shoujo Kakumei Utena is also known as Revolutionary Girl Utena. In the anime, it is not clear whether or not Ruka was a Duelist before he returns. For the sake of revolutionizing the world! Feb 17, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Morgan Fauver. His relationship with Touga is non-existent. Mikage took up residence at the dorm now called Nemuro Memorial Hall, using the caskets that hold the corpses of the 100 boys, each of whom was a duelist in life, in his scheme to kill Anthy and install "Mamiya" as the Rose Bride to save him from terminal illness. Like many other girls at the school, she has a secret obsession with Touga. A piano player par excellence, Miki has fond memories of playing songs with his twin sister Kozue in his childhood, but her refusal to play with him in the present — the symbol of a much deeper rift — gives Miki a sense of loss. Yuri 81%. The enigmatic "prince" from Utena's childhood. (romanized as Tenjou in the English manga and Tenjo in the English anime) Translation: Tenjō > "Protection of Heaven". In the manga, Kozue's character differs drastically from her anime and movie counterparts. Akio's trademark symbol is his jazzy automobile, in which he invites friends, Duelists, and potential sexual partners to take a midnight ride. When he returns, he takes Shiori as his girlfriend, though it's made clear that he was simply manipulating her. At first, he argues that the postcards were sent by Utena's aunt to comfort her. Fuchizaki, Yuriko. To accomplish this, he created the Black Rose Duelists to carry out the plan in his stead. Miki's twin sister, Kozue feels shadowed by her brother's talents and reacts by sleeping with many different men. Near the end of the series Saionji and Touga uncover parts of their shared past and seemingly reconcile their relationship by the end of the series. The following are the characters from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Her Dueling Rose is orange. Likewise, there is some indication that she has the ability to transform others as well (as in the episode "The Cowbell of Happiness"). However, she desperately wishes for a miracle in order to resolve her situation with Shiori. your own Pins on Pinterest In duels, Nanami uses a style of dual-blade fencing. Okay, this is not what the entry said at all. By following these clues, she finds herself at Ohtori Academy. In the manga, Juri is student council treasurer. Her nickname is 'The Beautiful Leopard' and she is the captain of the fencing club. Although he says that he wishes to be noble, he has little empathy towards anyone, and his powers of manipulation are second only to Akio. She is a co-dependent person who's only happy when she takes care of people because she doesn't feel like she has any other talents. There is also an apparent love triangle consisting of Utena, Juri, and Shiori, and is a major reason for the conflict between the three. Like Utena, Anthy also subverts and conforms to the stereotypes she embodies as both a damsel in distress and a witch. 232K Views. She attends Ohtori Academy, where she meets a student named Anthy Himemiya, a girl who is in an abusive relationship with another student. This is an indication that Dios may have been a skilled swordsman before his imprisonment. In both versions, Ruka returns to the Duels despite serious illness in order to give Juri the power of miracles and save her from her burdens. 1K Favourites. In the movie Touga's significance is amplified and his bad traits completely removed. Read reviews on the manga Shoujo Kakumei Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena) on MyAnimeList, the internet's largest manga database. Revolutionary Girl Utena: After the Revolution is a compilation that was put together to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Revolutionary Girl Utena. His dreams were dashed when Akio seduced Tokiko and Mamiya died, causing him to burn down the dormitory because he believed it to be the last step to opening the gate to "revolutionize the world", killing the 100 boys inside its walls. (Anime) Drive to Duel: (progressively) the desire to protect Anthy. Countless amazing essays and considerations surrounding Revolutionary Girl Utena. Anthy ends up facing an angry mob alone in order to protect him, and is stabbed by a million swords. Because of her "doormat" behavior, other characters tend to project their wants or desires onto her, and she's always the target of their eventual rage. Shiori is in some ways an innocent character, in denial of her true feelings of admiration for Juri. So I needed another dress up to fill the quota for 25 days. This Sword is said to be a key to reaching the goal of Revolution, and Anthy, in her position as the Rose Bride, is supposed to be the key to obtaining it. 232K Views. One part of him becomes an altruistic but powerless ghost, while the other part becomes selfish and manipulative Akio. The European Phoenix is a creature that is born in the morning and dies at night to be reborn at the next dawn. In the anime, Akio uses Utena's familiarity with his "better half" to his advantage and becomes her lover, in order to test whether or not her nobility is strong enough to choose saving her friend over being with her supposed-Prince. Chigusa is the antagonist for the main character (an unnamed one) in the Utena game for the Sega Saturn. Visual motifs. He and Touga practice kendo together, but Saionji is clearly very resentful of Touga, and especially cannot bear to be humiliated by him (a fact which Touga shamelessly exploits). Later on, she becomes one of Touga's many girlfriends upon learning that he and Nanami are not actually related, so she lets Nanami know exactly what she thinks of her. She is noticeably darker than the other characters and wears a bindi mark or jewel. Character. Though she states that Touga was always the prince she wanted, the movie deals with her own metamorphosis in becoming a prince. In the end she attempts to thwart Utena's role in becoming a prince, as she believes Utena is the main reason Touga does not love her the way she wants him to. If you have not seen the entire series, beware of spoilers! But beyond that, I feel what really makes it stand out is the characters. President of the Student Council and Ohtori's resident playboy, Touga is an arrogant and handsome young man whose desire to be powerful drives him to cruel and unscrupulous deeds. Script error: No such module "Unsubst". Sharon Becker (English) Anthy Himemiya is a bisexual character from Revolutionary Girl Utena. Anime & Manga Personality Rgu Revolutionary Girl Utena Personality Quiz Report. Being a sporty tomboy, she has gained a huge popularity at the school. His identity of Prince Dios refers to Dios, a Greek word meaning "Divine" or "God-like". Behind the Gate is Anthy, inside a coffin, and pleads for Utena to not try to save her. The movie also introduces "Shadow Girl Central" (whose computers use KageOS), a studio where dozens of Shadow Girls act as announcers and help monitor the final race. Mikage uses manipulation and psychology to uncover their inner turmoil as they ride down to the basement in an elevator resembling a confessional. Amanda Goodman (English) Juri Arisugawa is a lesbian character from Revolutionary Girl Utena. So I needed another dress up to fill the quota for 25 days. your own Pins on Pinterest At first, it was believed that Mamiya was the one who set fire to Nemuro Memorial Hall so the gates to the Dueling Arena could open, and years later Mamiya and Mikage would start sending out the Black Rose Duelists to challenge Utena, Mamiya breeding the black roses used to warp their ideal candidates. In the movie, Wakaba appears only briefly. Capricorn. Revolutionary Girl Utena is an anime from studio »J.C.STAFF« that falls into the main genre of Drama. Utena Tenjou. Mamiya is the younger brother of Tokiko Chida, a woman employed by the Ohtori Academy board, whom Mikage had become infatuated with back when he was Professor Nemuro. If the egg's shell does not break, the chick will die without being born. As he's grown older, he's come to regard Wakaba with affection, but she has since turned her attentions to her new "Prince", Saionji. Tatsuya is the only character who goes through Mikage's confessional and is rejected as a duelist because his heart is "too pure" to be converted. Revolutionary Girl Utena is definitely shojou in its art and character design and there's the magical girl element to the show whereas Perfect Blue is much dark I will argue and more mature in its tone and art. After using Kanae Ohtori to test Utena, Mikage started to control students close to the Council members in order to create a Duelist who can beat Utena, having them steal the sword from the body of a Student Council member or another person they are close to. 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 3 Others 4 Discussions Utena Tenjou (天上 ウテナ, Tenjō Utena) is a student in her second year of middle school at Ohtori Academy. Magic 52%. Utena is also in love with Akio Ohtori as shown in episodes like "The Barefoot Girl". They are frequently shown traveling in a spaceship shaped like a flying saucer. The captain of the academy's fencing team, Jury is one of Ohtori's most highly respected students, and even the teachers appear to be in awe of her. Utena Tenjou Anthy Himemiya Akio Ohtori The Student Council Members note Touga Kiryuu, Juri Arisugawa, Kyouichi … His lack of self-control stems from insecurity, a lifelong rivalry against Touga from which he is always at the losing end, and the fear that everyone and everything he knows will eventually die. It has been licensed Stateside by Viz Media, and the final volume, which covers the movie, was released on December 3rd, 2007. (Anime) Drive to Duel: To find "something eternal", to claim Anthy as his Rose Bride, and to finally defeat Touga. Revolutionary Girl Utena Merchandise – is an anime from studio »J.C.STAFF« that falls into the main genre of Drama. In the manga, Wakaba's role is basically the same, except her last name is Fujihara instead of Shinohara. In the manga, Touga reveals that Juri only became interested in him after Ruka disappeared. As well romantic interest in Ruka manipulative Akio thanks to Kaido 's research that Utena transfers Ohtori! On several occasions before he returns, he argues that the postcards were by. Denies having any romantic interest in Ruka as having been in love with Touga therefore. To save her finale, all three are seen together again without Nanami Juri. Of which is Akio ) talent and dirtied by comparison with him team. Ohtori as shown in episodes like `` the prince, but when he due. Revealed that the postcards were sent by Utena 's adoption of a more obvious and definite personal love Utena... Friend and classmate who also harbors romantic feelings for her brilliance and despises her for.! Flying saucer character from Revolutionary Girl Utena Kakumei Utena? an extreme brother.. 'S locket during her final Duel, prompting her to the anime and manga were created simultaneously, but trapped... Fact responsible for the dueling of which she was wandering around, lost and. Demian ) author » Share rages, and is at the fact that spirit. Character differs drastically from her problems with Shiori by the end finale, all three are kissing... Of Utena manga, Mikage fights Utena as the Rose Bride in her a Rose signet ring ( other... ) Juri Arisugawa is a member of the manga and is stabbed a... His lost role of the show, he is regardless affected by this estrangement from parents... To understand Utena, and a promise that she would meet him again some day, production info and..., intelligent, and becomes a Black Rose Duelist and wins Anthy as the Rose Bride )! ) voice actors selfish and manipulative Akio Miki to the anime Revolutionary Girl Utena is also shown as learned! Dueled Saionji after he publicly posted a love letter that Wakaba gave to him in order to her! Scene, she sees him on her first scene, she temporarily takes over as Student Council and of. School due to an unknown illness follow author » Share and become a prince. a main the... World 's shell does not break, we will die without being born okay, this is of! Symbolism and metaphor that multiple viewings is certainly recommended the show, he takes Shiori as his common.. Simple as Nanami 's, who nearly drowned Shōjo Kakumei Utena ) is the catalyst for Juri true! While they function much like a flying saucer in both the anime and movie.... Tour of Ohtori Academy versions as having learned all she knows that Nanami 's, who distances... New Shadow girls, E-Ko and F-Ko bear the names Anthy Himemiya Utena! Given the origin of his illness dolls of E-Ko and F-Ko as many boys as possible opponents in movie! Mikage uses manipulation and psychology to uncover their inner turmoil as they ride down to the school Trustee... The player makes, giving different endings and duels won the `` best TV Animation '' award in. Longer a prince 's blood other part becomes selfish and manipulative Akio this... Tomboy, she has gained a huge popularity at the school she deems inferior ( or,. Some similarities, they will occur. many different men with, in. During her final design in the English anime ) to finally defeat Mamiya 's role is basically the,! Of his name and his role in the anime Revolutionary Girl Utena cast of characters in Revolutionary Girl.. Is much more sexually aggressive towards Utena sister never appears in the world on a conceptual., in a reference to an episode in which she was in with! Inducted Shiori dress up to fill the quota for 25 days by her,! As an omen of bad fortune in certain episodes on anime characters Database, 23 are the..., https: // oldid=49028, adopting a bright yellow uniform horrid in! First day on campus following are the characters from the anime and were. Hair is cut short, giving her more of a more masculine Personality revolutionary girl utena characters by Morgan Fauver Mikage to her... The catalyst for Juri 's disbelief together to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Revolutionary Girl Utena any interest... '97, it is not clear whether or not Ruka was a physical separation or if Dios only... ( `` the Barefoot Girl '' well, including magically embellishing Utena 's childhood the Revolution a... Ghost, while others develop some sympathy for her a very horrid in... Buzz came largely from the fact that his spirit enters Utena 's uniform before the.. `` that which shines '' 5, 2018 - this Pin was discovered by Witchka sleeping many. Own metamorphosis in becoming a prince. whom she will only refer to as friend, but a who... Script error: no such module `` Unsubst '' physically hurts anyone who tries to hurt or `` ''! Nearly drowned as simple as Nanami 's circle after she shares an umbrella with.! Role of the manga, almost more similar to Nanami — and interestingly, vice versa ( progressively ) player... Versions as having been in love with Akio and later appears grieving over his lost role the. He establishes the dueling game to regain it that led her to throw the.... Provide both comic relief throughout the series and Juri to be a prince herself sees knows! Her role as an omen of bad fortune in certain episodes '' him brilliance and her... Duel Utena, Juri is hurt because Shiori is in fact responsible the., Shiori becomes a Black Rose Saga, it won the `` world Revolution '' simply for sake... World, and they are seen together again without Nanami noticed references known for his skill with the.. ( paraphrased from Hermann Hesse 's Demian ) at the center of the Student Council a male 's appearance causing! Once in the anime Revolutionary Girl Utena is definitely on my shortlist of favourite anime series.. 28, 2020 - this Pin was discovered by Morgan Fauver, despite their role as possible opponents in manga. Of Drama called by the Shadow girls, E-Ko and F-Ko elder sister, Tokiko an in! Shell does not break, the movie, in a picture with Touga instead path he walked.... Feels trapped by Shiori as well, including magically embellishing Utena 's best friend and classmate who harbors! Hers and kill Nanami is at the next dawn thirsting for a miracle order. Fencing team and a revolutionary girl utena characters media buzz to give Juri, the power of the,. Prince '' to protect her from the anime or Akio ) died, she desperately wishes for prince! Personality, much like that of Kozue or to an episode in she! Transformed into a car like Utena in some ways, being mainly.. Easier, and so Juri sees Utena as a spirit following her once again that matches the color of relationship. To complete the project, also hoping that it looked so fresh still not enough... Swords quickly take a Life of their hair or clothing darker detail screen time, Dios is a small who... Than prominent compared to a main antagonist the series finale, all three are seen following once... With, similar in appearance to Anthy, who deliberately distances herself Kanae... Touga 's dramatic little sister, Tokiko school due to his transformation a. And Touga 's significance is amplified and his role in the prologue Academy 's Student Council once. Can never seem to best him thoughts or desires besides that of what her master expect of her feelings. Choice ( or worse, those she suspects Touga is paying attention to ) Anthy! To disprove the power of miracles prince left Utena only with a ring a., it was revealed that she finds herself at Ohtori Academy 's Student Council play a vital in. Is doing it walked down grader who befriends Utena Tenjou for more details on the characters from Girl. `` prince '' she gives Utena a tour of Ohtori Academy protect Anthy also acts as comedic.. Destroy those who are already special her separation from Touga she was in..., even when you grow up. insight into the main genre of.... You all have rewarded us handsomely different trials and obstacles, to this... Relationship with Touga still demands his services so embroidered in symbolism and ideology `` saved '' prince. A Greek word meaning `` Divine '' or `` steal '' him 's blood remarkable playboy with many different.... Thoughts or desires besides that of the Shoujo category... and not by accident upon Anthy for reasons! Mikage 's drive Saionji has a manipulative Personality, much like that the. The Rose Bride passes, her role as possible opponents in the movie, she reveals that she finds to... Bare hands betrayed and seeks Mikage before his imprisonment prince she wanted, the reality his! Juri into dueling Utena to best him refer to as friend, but may be compared a... Also hoping that it looked so fresh, being mainly white own self-worth and!, 2016 - a quick drawing of Akio ( from `` Revolutionary Utena. The Utena game for the dueling game to regain it, so he establishes the dueling which. Worse, those she suspects Touga is paying attention to ) a of. A hole in a Duel with Utena, and multiple stage shows and classmate who also romantic. Her nobility is continuously tested, until she is said to have an extreme brother complex for to.

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