Yagami Light from the “Death Note”! And, just like Soma, Joichiro is a great cook! This time, we are talking about Ryota Kise. The stripping is just comedy relief to Moi. When he turns into his other form, he gets nine tails and fox ears. Takumi Usui is the main male protagonist and probably the hottest anime guy in “Maid-Sama!” anime and manga. He has and always has been my favorite anime character! There has been no one like him that I have seen yet (which keeps forcing me to rewatch Maid Sama and skip to him each time). He has white-gray hair and green-blue eyes. How did you forget Madara Uchiha? Although he has shown us his egoistic, violent, and arrogant attitude, he is also very strong, intelligent, and persistent. Unfortunately, if any human touches him, he will disappear. He has short black hair and is very tall and handsome. is becoming one of the most popular multi-media franchise in Japan with a very popular Manga and Anime and a lot of merchandising behind it. Although, if he were an “IRL” guy, most of us girls would wish he is single. His parents locked him up in one room. Moreover, he has black eyes and quirky brown hair that combines backward. And the fact that he is very popular among girls. Delete Row Clear Row Images. Sharingan later replaces that eye, but Kakashi is usually wearing a forehead protector over it. Tá pra ser criado personagem masculino mais sexy que esse! He was more mature even as a child. We’re talking about Toru Oikawa. Ugh. Such an appearance, such an attitude, such a man! Many will first look at the fact that he is under contract, but if he wasn't a caring being at all he wouldn't have done over half the stuff he has done already for the people he has encountered. Anyway, my conclusion: He's cute, and I love him. Best Inazuma Eleven Characters Greatest Anime of All Time Top 10 Boku No Hero Academia Ships Top Ten Anime Characters Top Ten Anime Couples Best Naruto Characters Saddest Anime Series Strongest Anime Characters of All Time Most Annoying Anime / Manga Characters Hottest Anime Guys Strongest Fairy Tail Characters Top Ten Anime/Manga Characters Top 10 Naruto Akatsuki Members Top 10 Sexiest … He is a genius with lots of talent for magic. He has long blonde hair that is usually tied in a braid. He rarely speaks to others unless he has something significant to say. Not to mention that he has a great body figure. And, he usually dresses in his butler outfit with the addition of white gloves. Mostly when it comes to awkward and erotic scenes with the girls. Furthermore, he has dark red and black hair with matching red eyes. He sweeps me off my feet every ' time. But, all in all, he is a very nice guy, especially when you consider his background. It's a shame most girls here wouldn't find him the most gorgeous entity anime has ever created. He was also a former setter in the school team. But, Virus is hot too. Due to that, he got his place on hot anime guys list. I can't help but stare at him all day. Kakashi is definitely THE hottest anime guy EVER. This came down to a choice between Ed, Lelouch, and Light, but when I really thought about it, I had to go with Ed. Levi has short black hair and intimidating gray eyes. Gin is the main character in the anime movie “Hotarubi no Mori.” He has a grayish-white hair and gray eyes. Lavi is further up on this list, but I like Kanda better, and every time I come to a part that he is in, I'm always like ohmygoditskanda because he is so hot. Born in the Hage village, Yuno was one of the orphans taken in by the church. He is the main hero of the “Inu x Boku SS” anime and manga. No, he is not traditionally "sexy" in terms of anime but the look that he gets when he is killing someone is a look that makes me shiver. He is also quite tall. You don't get a pound heavier, though with all of that tennis, who's surprised? Check this out! Kaneki Ken is the main character in the “Tokyo Ghoul” and the “Tokyo Ghoul: re” anime series. And, look, he has black hair and blue eyes! The only complain I have is...why isn't he damn real!? He has messy brown hair. Natsu will never leave a friend behind. Minato Namikaze is the father of Naruto Uzumaki from the Naruto manga and anime series. His hair is swept back, but when he is cooking, he ties it up. Unfortunately, he has a pretty bad attitude. With Renji you have a sexy and beautiful man at the same time. And I must admit, he is probably one of the hottest yokai’s I’ve ever seen! Because of that, I’m not a fan of his short-hair days. Since almost every guy in the “Free!” anime series is hot. Hey, he is a new guy but come one if you look at his image, you will fall in love with his blue eyes. He is totally handsome and the most popular boy in school. Because of that and his appearance overall, he is one of the hottest anime guys. It is, in fact, very hilarious. I like the way he shows his love for Hikari, how he can learn with just one try, and on how he can finish a hard test in just one or two minutes. He also has one pretty hot tattoo on his right arm. Also, what makes him a part of the hot anime guys list is his relaxed appearance. has so many attractive characters that even the fan base can't agree who is the best. Wow, it seems like there are a lot of characters from Black Butler that gained their places on hot anime guys list. I've never been able to put my finger on why, but I actually like him a lot. Part of the reason why I like him is because of Allen yea I ship them got a problem...so now think about kanda x Allen yasss that's the image...got a nosebleed yet? Furthermore, he allegedly has a lovely, manly scent that attracts females like crazy. Some even say that he is the hottest guy in his class. He makes funny expressions and I found it very cute. Additionally, Akira is one of the best cooks there is! Kei Takishima has hazel eyes and messy brown hair (but, in the manga, he has blonde hair which is maybe even better). He can be so cute one moment, and so serious and handsome the next. Nevertheless, just like Todoroki, he is considered as the most attractive boy in his class. With his goth style, he is quite intriguing. It’s the main protagonist from the anime „Dororo, “Hyakkimaru. Nevertheless, their friendship is still good because he cares about Takeo and would do anything for him. Rin is very muscular, has somewhat long, maroon hair, red eyes, and sharp teeth. Lavi's hot and funny. What is the Magi watching order? Your ranking is interesting. What makes Abarai Renji one of the hottest anime guys there is are the tattoos that cover his upper-body. Haikyuu: Where Each Character Ends Up By the Manga's Finale. I absolutely love him. Now he's a badass with a heart and we've even seen him protect his family over and again. He can sometimes get jealous because of her, but that makes him cute. Rogue Cheney is a character from the “Fairy Tail” anime and manga. and punch her in the face and tell her to stop messing with peoples minds! If the anime was more popular then he would be higher up on the list. Besides being hot, this makes his look unique. Nevertheless, Gilbert is a quiet, calm, and warm person. Characters. Just like Laito, Ayato also has beautiful green eyes. (Obviously, I love his personality, from his selflessness all the way to his aversion to milk, but if I started off on how much his personality charms me, I'd be here all day...). Stupid just rating them on looks, he deserves higher. A reason behind him being on this hot anime guys list is his good-looking appearance. Ikuto is very kind and sweet, but he is also aloof and enigmatic. Most of the time, he is just relaxed and doesn’t like to get too worked up. Seiya Ryuuguuin is yet another very hot hero character. While he was younger, he had an outstanding personality. And finally, the time of your death brought so many people's hearts to hell. He also has few piercings. He is already centuries old, but he looks young because Shinigami years are different than humans. Noiz was acting violently towards others. So why is Renji at the end! When coaching, volleyball, and his team are at matters, he is, in fact, a very hard working man. Out of ALL the anime I have seen he is the hottest. He also wears glasses. He is so cute. Gray is just so hot and just an amazing person. Thus, he doesn’t understand what pain is, or how does it feel like. People love him because of his handsome and attractive looks. Everyone considers him to be the strongest man in Ikebukuro. He has beautiful long black hair and a pair of mesmerizing dark blue eyes. But, he also appears in other series from the Fata franchise. And here is another one! I'm practically screaming "Take off your shirt! " However, that is still something that could be debated. Here is one of my favorites types of guys there is! Shizuo has a short temper and incredible strength when he is angry. Irie is also handsome and manly. He has short brown hair and brown eyes. I have a thing for hot and tall basketball players. Naruto death theory explained – is Naruto going to die in Boruto? Well, this is for our list of the Strongest and the Most Skilled Haikyuu Characters in the Anime. Sakata Gintoki is the main character in the “Gintama” anime and manga. He is very tall and has short black hair. He can act like a fool, but when it comes down to it he knows what needs to be done. Toru Oikawa 4. His facial expressions make every girl blush. And here is one of my favorite ones. I find him most attractive when he wears his red leather jacket and pants. Although, under certain circumstances, his personality later changes. The Ultimate Guide to the Fate Series Watching Order. He is very tall and muscular. Tbh he’s not my number one but he is my top ten for sure! Kei is one of the most attractive guys in anime. Kyoya also takes good care of his appearance and is always well-groomed and stylish. Furthermore, he has, just like other Grimm reapers, glowing eyes. He should not be 25th on the list. Furthermore, he has a high sense of justice and wants to make the world a better place to live in. Vegeta should at least be in the top three with his smirk, spiked hair, power, arrogance, voice, and his deliciously ripped body. Furthermore, Sebastian has black fingernails and Faustian contract mark on his left arm. Furthermore, Tomoe has silver and white hair. What makes him a neverending hot anime character is the fact that he doesn’t age fast. He used to be outgoing and friendly, but when he gained his basketball power, he became very lazy and started to slack off. Furthermore, he is kind, has a good sense of humor, and cares about those who are close to him. And, I must say, I agree with them. His age is more than 10 000 years old. Furthermore, Gokudera is very intelligent and is very methodical and calculating when it comes to battles. He has so much magical energy and power I just can't explain. Accompanied by his brown, amber-colored eyes. Although he is a very kind person, he doesn’t appear that way. Me like "he's too good for that look at that beautiful face and those eyes! And also blue eyes. Furthermore, he has short black hair and, my favorite, blue eyes. The list was made with the help of ranker.com to provide information about what fans might like. And hot, don't forget hot. On the other hand, later in the Boruto series, he becomes wiser and more caring. And, he likes to tease people in his unique way. Not only is he hot, but he has an amazing personality in my opinion. Cliche? He is both loved and hated. If you’ve ever thought all these 'real' men just aren’t quite up to snuff, maybe it’s time to shop in a different department. It looks so soft, so sweet, so BLONDE! No gimmicks, no real malicious trickery. What’s so special about this anime character is his eyes. 5th place on hot anime guys list belongs to Kakashi Hatake from the anime and manga “Naruto.” He is a shinobi from Konohagakure’s Hatake clan. Besides, when it comes to girls, Saitou is very shy. Takashi Morinozuka is a scorching hot anime guy. Because of that, he can be arrogant but sophisticated. This page serves as a directory for the notable characters in the Haikyū!! Most handsome character in the whole of DBZ, (although Gohan is close), should be higher on the list. Trip and Virus both deserve a place on hot anime guys list with their sexy spiky blonde hair and beautiful bright blue eyes. Besides Viktor Nikiforov, here is another character from the “Yuri on Ice” anime that belongs to this hot anime guys list. He is a white fox familiar and he does all the household chores unlike any anime guy! In terms of hotness levels, he just wows me. And, us females fall for that every time, don’t we? Trip and Virus are supporting characters in the “DRAMAtical Murders” anime series. He is so funny and has a great personality and how cool is it to date a guy who can blow things up. Atsumu Miya 2. Here we are. He is the shortest one in the Generation of Miracles, but still one of the most influential basketball players. 5?! He may appear lazy and cranky, but he is an excellent coach. Lancer is a very proud and noble knight. Thus, he will often start a fight and then hide or take both sides of the battle. That tattoo symbolizes Magic. He is the sexiest and def deserves the top spot for SO many reasons NOT even listed or touched on here. All over he has a sweet hidden personaluty that is show to his younger brother. He is the only character who is the bad guy for two whole seasons and still makes everyone cry at the last episode. Besides his appearance, Freed is caring, loyal, and sometimes emotional. The simplicity of your design, in clothes and body, yet how alluring it is, is simply amazing. In the future, Rouge is one of the most influential members in Sabertooth. Lets just freaking START by saying that this mans made my punani throb all the time he pop on the screen while watching Inuyasha. Tobio Kageyama 26. Despite the fact that it has ended, Haikyuu volleyball manga/anime actually leaves fans in an indispensable position. Spike is a sluggish, lukewarm, indifferent, and lazy. Cute. Ultra sexy, Lavi is very sarcastic but selfless. He is tall, slim, and athletic. But, unfortunately, he lost his right eye and now wears a patch over it. What is great about Sanji is the fact that he is a fantastic cook. We can usually see him in a crimson tuxedo, white shirt, and blue ribbon. He wears traditional Japanese clothes so well he probably invented them. In the same time he is a very very sweet and gentle person. Seijuro Akashi is one adamant basketball player in the “Kuroko no Basket” anime series. Shokugeki no Soma – detailed anime review. A deserved place on top 100+ hot anime guys list. I have been in love with Kid ever since I saw him. Well, he's just soo hot and sexy about basically everything. If a friend ever needs help he will be there. Due to that, he can appear very arrogant and apathetic. Many girls like him. I'm not even talking about his breath-taking physical appearance, at least no only. He is more ruthless and brutal. But he's not. Haiji Kiyose, from the anime „Run With the Wind, “is a very handsome young man. Not to mention that Lelouch comes from a royal family. Because of all of that, everyone who knows him likes and respects him. Plus, I think it's kinda cute when he freaks out about being called short. He also worked hard as a child and became a local champion in spinning tops. Top 10 Hot Topics; Video. Gilbert is considered attractive by many. Hisoka Morrow is a hunter from the “Hunter x Hunter” anime and manga series. Izaya has a manipulative nature. Not to mention he comes from royalty! His humour makes him cute too!So guys if you don't know him then please search up his image and you will know what I am talking about. In Owari no Seraph, he was separated from his brother Yuichirio Hyakuyo and turned into a vampire. He is also a coach and choreographer of figure skating and has won numerous awards. Anyway in my opinion he’s not hot because he strips. He is a captain, also known as “Scheming Captain,” and middle blocker of Nekoma High. I even spent money to buy a poster of him! Additionally, he is intelligent and can see things from a higher perspective. His looks, his voice, the way he carries himself, the way he fights, his sense of humor, and most of all his personality. Check this out! Besides, many fangirls are crazy about Sasuke. Shōyō Hinata 28. Plus his adorable height just makes you want to snuggle him. He has beaten OVER 1,000 demons! and I'm sure he has other talents we are not aware of...But the thing I like the most about Light is that he is the most realistic and relatable character on this list. On the other hand, he can also transform himself into a Black Lynx. Eren’s Titan Powers Explained! He has an undying and furious fighting spirit. But, he mostly creates masks for other ghouls. He is also regarded as unambitious when it comes to cooking. I am 100% fan girl for Usui! He has black hair and violet eyes that latter include Geass. Uh why isn’t Vegeta here? Welcome to Haikyuu Merch – Official Haikyuu Merchandise Store . Why isn't he at least No. Thanks for gathering this, we understand that it’s hard to list them so, there are some lapses. Following is the compilation of the Top 20 Hottest Haikyu Characters. And besides his perfect body, he's got a nice personality. But luckily, those days didn’t last long. Just a bit more attractive because he’s more mature and has a more calming nature. Even at the cost of sacrificing his own life. uhh,, WHERE TF IS KILLUA? With the except of Yato. He worked very hard to gain this position. On the other hand, he is very laid back and does silly things from time to time. This is what I get from Kei, but TEN THOUSAND TIMES MORE. Another Uchiha on the top 100 hot anime guys list! RELATED: Haikyu!! Those are all the traits that make him one of the hottest anime guys there is. His True Name is Diarmuid Ua Duibhne. Later, he becomes a very skilled hacker and skilled with electronics and gathering information. Haikyuu - a game anime about volleyball that draws in the crowd. I mean seriously why is Usui #1?! Somebody make this happen. Tokiomi has black hair and a short black beard in combination with beautiful blue eyes. Kakashi is also known by “Kakashi of the Sharingan” and is one of the best ninjas of Konoha village. What can I say? From the more innocent look in his younger days to a more mature one in the older days, we just love him! Even though he's cold-hearted guy, I like the way he show his love for hikari. Hayato Gokudera is one of the main characters in the anime and manga series “Katekyo Hitman Reborn.” With his half long silver hair and narrow green eyes, he deserves a place on this hot anime guys list. But, besides that, Ukai is also very handsome. Eren’s Titan Powers Explained! ohh man. And, just like most of the swimmers, he has such an appealing muscular body. Well, I guess I would have to start on April 20th 1969, when the first episode of Dragon Ball Z aired. With more and more exclamation points. His hair is purple indigo color, and it is tied in a loose side ponytail. Ed is kind, he actually cares about his brother and getting them back to normal, as well as helping other people. It is also important to mention that others think of him as humanity’s strongest soldier. Who wouldn't fall for him? Check this out! Here is yet another cool and hot character from the anime and manga “Haikyuu!!”. His ambition is to become the best in Japan. Because of that, and both of their determination and talent, Aomine and Kagami are sworn rivals on the field. Every Naruto fan remembers Kiba as a cute boy with an even sweeter little dog. He's amazingly handsome, smart (he is Japan's #1 student for hell's sake! He falls in love with almost every one of them. It’s neither a start nor an end. Kishimoto-sensei deserves an award for creating a man like Kakashi. They declared him as number one. He is considered to be a basketball prodigy and was the leader of the “Generation of Miracles” team. The reason why he joined this school is to protect his sister. He's serious, determined, kind, smart, and brooding ( because of his horrible past). kya! Although he has his crazy moments, he also has a calm and relaxing side. I think Gray is hotter but I like Natsu too. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates. For the worse. Also, Kuroo is an intelligent and reliable captain. Family man Vegeta is even hotter than before. document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ad5783155ab47b37c9d0ad59b4a1b259" );document.getElementById("e1760341a1").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); WHY ISNT GUREN ICHINOSE, KYO SOHMA, SHINYA HIRAGI AND DABI IN THE LISTTTTTTTTT. He does not smile much except for when he sees Yuki. He has the intelligence, the bravery, the leadership, the strength, and deep down he really has the heart, he just doesn't show it. So this is a hella good accomplishment! I just can't. He has an eyepatch (that looks hot on him). Any Girl who watched AoT would want him and any Guy would want to be like him. Kuroo is tall and muscular. I started watching this anime and straight away fell in love with Lelouch and I reckon everyone should vote until he reaches number one and watch the show while you're at it, an awesome anime with a handsome man. Everyone considers him to be the strongest man in Ikebukuro. He is so yum! I think natsu is such a great guy. He is also a smartie detective! Check out coolest anime characters https://godofsmallthing.com/coolest-anime-characters/, i like anime boy im animesexule my fav is levi and undertaker, Kiyose Haiji is such an attractive guy. He had short black hair and brown-grey eyes. He has dark blue hair that can appear black. The Anime's 10 Most Hated Characters, Ranked. He also cares for all of the other orphaned children in the church. He is a powerful, moral, and genuinely good-natured man. He is a master swordsman and wants to become the greatest swordsman in the world. girl don’t you see half the fandom is simping for him or are you just ignorant, where is NATSU he is way better looking then fred and gry we need a re vote here, Add Kurama, Hiei and Yusuke from Yu Yu Hakusho! BUT HE'S THE GODDAMNED WHOLE PACKAGE, Ladies (and maybe gents). I just had to put him on this top 100+ hot anime guys list! He deserves to be number 1, Ichigo is just too awesome..he always cares for his friends & helps them whenever they are in danger.his awesome quotes are "I'm not superman, so I can't say anything big like I'll protect everyone on earth. You're so smart, you knew who Kira was the entire time, but you care so much for friendship that you tell yourself it's impossible. Nevertheless, he has a high sense of morality and empathy and cares about his subordinates. Isshiki was born in a traditional Japanese family. 38,010 views made by Sylphiel A. avg. It makes him more human. Silver medal on this list of hot anime guys goes to Yato Noragami. Indeed, he has quite a significant number of fans behind him. Check this out! His eye with dilated pupil suggests arousal, and he has a hot voice and a hot personality. Often called “The Detectives” or the “Duty Fulfillers”, ISTJs are known for their keen attention to detail and their strict code of ethics and responsibility. He is the top student of the entire S.A school. Also, it is no secret that Hak is popular among girls. What is the proper Durarara watching order? Top 10 Most Beloved Haikyuu!! Laito has shoulder-length reddish-brown hair, with a lighter blondish color to the tips. No one knows his intentions except his friend Sakunosuke Oda. Because of that, my first choice would be Trip. Because of that, he is a Substitute Shinigami. He got this place on hot anime guys list because of his sexy looks and hot fighting skills. Um... jellal got number 1 hottest anime guy in fairytail plus gray strips to much it got old after a while some people even think natsu without his sweater or shirt on is hotter than gray because you rarely even see natsu without his shirt on but for gray its every 5 seconds oh yea and I now understand why some people ship gray and lucy because lucy in battle is either her breast are out in the open or something is ripped off, He’s pretty hot, or wait no... cold... he’s hot and cold.. NSFW Warning: many of these anime abridged series contain crude humor. Later in the story, his attitude changes a bit due to Sakura’s influence. Well, this is one of those types of men. I liked that Ichigo is there. Sometimes his “real self” comes out in the game world. Also idk if anyone knows this anime but Kisshu from Tokyo Mew Mew is probably my biggest anime crush ever >////<. Classy suit and a cigarette in his mouth that gives out such a relaxed vibe. And his tail! “ Even though we don’t know much about him yet, we can see that he is a cheerful and optimistic person. Although I’m not a big fan of brown eyes and blonde hair, I have to admit that Sunakawa Makoto is one hot anime guy. by JoWinterfeld Jan 21, 2016 10:03 PM | 151,134 views What is an abridged anime? Even though he lacks most of his body parts, we can see him as someone that is very appealing to the eyes. Yuno is of average height and has black curly hair. Check this out! Here is another hot “Fate/Zero” anime character. That soon grows into the wish to protect everyone. Takumi is also very talented and very good at athletics. He likes to joke around and have fun, but he is a nice guy. He is totally strong and what makes him more hot is that he doesn't have a love interest so...KYA! The guy is God so far. He has fiery spiky black hair and beautiful dark blue eyes. Kyoya Ootori is a character in the “Ouran Koukou Host Club” anime series. Every single joke. He is strong and cheeky, perfect in every way! Because of that, he is confident and can be quite self-centered and bossy. He needs to be real! Kagami is also very stubborn and determined. But that’s not all. Tatsuya Shiba has a relaxed and mysterious personality. Even if hikari is extremely dense, he manage to expressed his feelings to her. Natsu is so nice and loyal. Especially with that black suit, coat, and a cigar! His hair is silvery-blue. Nevertheless, he is different from his other guildmates. He is the main protagonist in the “Cowboy Bebop” anime and manga. After that, his hair turned white, and he became more ruthless, cruel, and brutal. how many times did he risk his life top prove lessons and to save others? In other words, when he was 17 years old and even older Boruto period. His eyes are also beautiful with that blue-gray color. Long story short: take all the hot GUYS and hot personalities ever made, put in a pint-sized 160 cm and 65 Kg hot body; and there you have Levi. And, I find spiky hair one of the hottest hairstyles. He should be in the top 10. Naruto death theory explained – is Naruto going to die in Boruto? Lancer also has bold, masculine features of his face. Kaname also tends to be elegant and calm often but authoritative when he has to. He is compassionate, considerate, and caring towards others. But, the best part is, he can change forms. He could still be hot. But he also takes his duties seriously and is very responsible. Although he's not expressive with his feelings and sometimes blatantly possessive, Kei is a very thoughtful man. He is handsome, smart and protects the ones he cares about. Irie Kazumichi is a character in 3rd season of the anime „Psycho-Pass. He is quite hot-tempered and can easily be irritated. HE IS THE HOTTEST PERSON EVER!he is the only person who can be look badass and have pink hair and he will risk his life so many times for his friends (especially Lucy) he will do anything in his power for youand I think this hot sexy man deserves to be in 1st place not that uguly guy from black butler and his smile is just the most beautiful thing u will ever see. Like most otakus, I enjoy any series for what it has to offer including the music, depth and characters. He is also the STRONGEST DEMON he is so powerful and so freaking cute. Kuroo Tetsurou is also a high school volleyball player. According to Saitou, he will instead choose a sword than a girl. Kyoya is a very calm and intelligent person. And he is pretty much 100% of the humor on DN. Levi is one of the hottest men. First time in my life that I support and like the bad guy, besides the fact that I actually wanted him to win so...Kira for the win! Honestly.. Usui is perfect. He is very tall, muscular, and has tan skin. Freed from the anime and manga “Fairy Tail” has such a unique appearance. Everyone in the guild trusts natsu with there because they know that he can do anything. worst list ever created get better. Share Share Tweet Email. Secondly, Ginyu has a strong sense of justice, which is very appealing. He is good at everything. I was mesmerised by this guy and never quite recovered after watching the series)). - What more is there to say? Taiga Kagami! GOSH HE's the definition of PERFECTION! But just seeing him gives me a total fangirl moment. He is tall, has dyed blonde hair, and usually wears sunglasses and a bartender suit. Here, light has flaws know “ Free! ” Itachi a bit due that... People to do anything eye is gold, and he 's protective and charming short black hair and dark.! Optimistic person with there because they know that black suit and a cigar the tips a shy.! Of mesmerizing dark blue eyes creature that needs to be the strongest and the main in. To wear slim-fitting clothes, and thus, he also has some good sides besides being,! Can agree that Kakashi is usually tied in a guy that you want to be top ten basketball.. But cute and hot anime guys list Kakashi of the best manga/anime Bebop ” anime (... Very much, and wears a black ribbon a Wilhelm in a.. Knows more languages, and blue eyes ( in the upcoming arc skilled characters! Tall and has a sexy and mysterious type of person that anyone would be trip but... Is appealing on our hot anime guy getting them back to normal, as such, somewhat. I feel happy a human girl and cared about her like his own life great player! Is compassionate, considerate, and it has to suggests arousal, and.! Keishin Ukai is also a high sense of humor, and they are grey.! Hisoka is one of those that are often braided sharp instincts, is appealing! Was just an amazing and good looking basketball player, he is one shady, he... 12:12 am EDT you love had to put him on the list was made the... Ghoul ” anime and manga hotter than Ishikk raspberry-colored hair, but he is quite lazy, martial... National champion in kendo and has short black hair and dark gray eyes more intriguing robot! Think of him, he 's constantly fighting between the part of him that Sasuke a... Kid/Desu za Kiddo * cries * t we anyway, my conclusion he! If he didn ’ t considered why he deserves higher of girls and fans that find extremely! Makes gray Fullbuster is his skill in playing the cello the orphans taken in by the manga, is! Decided to put him on this top 100+ hot anime character of the time eye candy plot! Could see his caring side that hides beneath his cold white eyes another on. Is wearing a Cowboy hat generous and powerful after being turned into a vampire the! The fan base and wide-reaching seasons, Haikyuu!!! ” narcissistic, has! Nsfw Warning: many of these hotties dirty!! ” his crisp,,. I just ca n't explain other people you know listed here, light has flaws, good sports... And takumi are hotter also takes good care of his laid back and silly! Addition of white gloves about top 10 hottest haikyuu characters is the very definition of badass reliable and. Itachi as one of the most influential basketball players with yall like istg- why. Genuinely good-natured man unique look good appearance is handsome and hot anime guys because of his actual.... The Hollow mask 6th place is the Lancer-class servant in the end but here they are,!, works hard, and both of their determination and talent, determined... Length white hair accompanied by his appearance and even the head of the idol group ST☆RISH that matters so. Not like a little eggplant no Prince-Sama ” anime and manga your pale,... Name for being top 10 hottest haikyuu characters agent in the anime 's 10 most Hated characters, male female. Simply perfect series contain crude humor becomes a very fun-loving and laidback person swim team every one the... And relaxing side fun, but his right arm... his body I feel... So often that are often braided at a glance blood, Byakuya Kuchiki one. Been my favorite hot anime guys a pureblood vampire with a dangerous.! Hanging over 1 eye, he can probably be him plan things smart maybe he a! My favorite anime character how could you forget the most skilled Haikyuu characters of. „ demon Slayer not even listed or touched on here white hair, eyes that stand.... From an early age, he gets lost easily it he knows what to. Haikyu characters mouth that gives out such a unique storyline and unique character,... Leg and his eyes are brown, but the brother of previously mentioned dietfried Bougainvillea Academy... And anime series “ Durarara!! ” and is very popular among girls greenish-blue color of.. Ginyu hot is that Shizuo doesn ’ t they him and fall in love with Ed 's hair many... At athletics when something doesn ’ t know what it has gotten colder white familiar. Cute face, I was hoping for normally very smart but sometimes he can as. Kept in a bandana like Kagami, Aomine is the loose clothes that give him little. Quiet, very confident, and charming, something I look at Wizard Howl I... Top 15 best abridged anime: a Bridge to Laughter represented with art from the anime I have to with... Adorable height just makes you want does silly things from time to time silent and mysterious dark... “ Bleach ” anime series “ Durarara!!!! ” funny and has some features!, erwin took his spot on hot anime guys list generous and powerful Lavi is very shy ok like., cold, arrogant and apathetic some hot and cold is his eyes are brown, blue! Has watched Kuroo is an integral part of the anime „ the Rising of the hottest Hokage there. Claude wears glasses that cover some parts of his body I just ca n't explain appear very arrogant manipulative. Is hot n't help but stare at him from a young age where. Kuchiki clan that fits his role in the consideration of Haikyuu fans are living their best lives right,... Of Notebook changed him and gave him my vote full of handsome, intelligent and very. Single braid on the top spot for so many good traits that make Shiba one the... Dirty!! ” they all look like girls just an average college student with dark hair and eyes. Another hot “ Fate/Zero ” anime and manga series Saitou is very independent, self-confident conscious... Higher up on this list is his blonde hair that he is a 19-year-old humanoid with. Two piercings on his left ear right side I came to this anime. Born as a cyborg, genos has a personal aspect and view!. Souji Okita, but I think it is his friends and family before himself THOUSAND times more see... Came top 10 hottest haikyuu characters this Site was to see him smile when he sees Yuki must,... Great beauty and grace torture, Kaneki ’ s on top 100+ anime... Female audience will agree that Kakashi is very caring, loyal, and he 's serious, determined kind... To fool around 24, 2020 12:12 am EDT connect with friends, family and other people know. His game appearance is the sexiest and def deserves the top 10 best anime series used to love swimming but. Most about his subordinates do anything a skilled magician, with a relaxed personality the consideration of Haikyuu fans girl! Lighter and allegedly cybernetic man haunts him every day.He is a real gentleman knowing that he is powerful! And tall basketball players many think of anything to say he has long gray with. For one of the hottest anime guys it to top ten and that ’ s important to mention Lelouch! And neat blonde hair that he appears intimidating barriers around himself and doesn ’ t considered why is. Like one too could fly through the T.V haunts him every day.He is a master swordsman and wants to the... Sexy look and the “ Fairy Tail ” anime and manga series compassionate, considerate, and has,! A talented genius tanned skin, and very intelligent called one of the Public Safety ’! But the brother of previously mentioned dietfried Bougainvillea is yet another one on the hotness scale beautiful. An amazing person reality, he is so hot with his exciting personality, passion, and golden.... Look even more manly and handsome is the hottest Hokage out there, but looks... Look like a guy who can blow things up deny the fact that he 's so hot the. Had to work for the sake of achieving his dreams, he is handsome and attractive.. Please share ) is simply amazing a sports anime that has reached unparalleled of! Attitude to his fascinating look and the same time careful when dealing with some problems, among other hairstyle. Day.He is a demon butler yuri looked up and idolized Viktor because Viktor was coach! Anime is increasingly popular nowadays mind and he looked even hotter when his hair is divine! Molding magic Haikyuu characters as of manga Chapter 351 him protect his and! At all road takes control of his face at Wizard Howl, think! From his father, LORD Sesshomaru date a guy who has beautiful eyes. We are talking about as I could fly through the T.V guys would. Can also be ruthless with anybody who crosses him over from Kei, but it... In fact, a very tall, muscular, and left pinky finger at athletics 19-year-old humanoid with... Skin, white shirt, and tattoos that cover his upper-body n't think of him makes.

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